Japan In-house Counsel Network (JICN)
Membership Information

Who is eligible to join JICN?

  • Membership is open to qualified lawyers working in-house and other corresponding in-house legal professionals regardless of their formal legal qualifications (i.e. those working in a position responsible for providing legal advice to their employer organization).
  • Membership is not limited to those with an international affiliation or background (e.g. many current members come from both multinational and domestic corporations), although the main language of communication is English.
  • Membership is aimed at those with a connection to Japan. Most members are based in Japan, although we have members based overseas.

What are the benefits of membership?

JICN offers a support and communication group for in-house legal professionals. In particular, we provide:

  • Free member-only roundtable discussion sessions on topics related to in-house practice and legal topics
  • Free member-only law firm-supported seminars on legal topics
  • A forum for information exchange between members – a members-only section on our website and ad hoc communication amongst members including:
  • Law firm comments/recommendations
  • Legal updates and information exchange
  • Materials from our seminars and roundtables
  • Careers and recruiting information exchange
  • Social events amongst in-house counsel and with other professional groups
  • Support for professional development and learning activities for in-house counsel eg. supporting and contributing to in-house conferences, contributing to legal publications, providing CLE credit for JICN events
  • Links and communication with other legal professional groups and service providers (legal publishers, law firms, accounting firms, recruiters)

How do I apply to become a member of JICN?

To register for JICN Membership, please fill out the form below or send an email to the JICN Membership representative at and ensure you advise us of the following details:

** Your full name
** The name of your employer organization
** Your job title, position, role in the organization
** Any other information you would like to provide to JICN

The Membership representative will confirm receipt of your application and register you for membership.

Prior to acceptance of your registration as a member of JICN, JICN may require further information to be provided to confirm you meet our membership criteria. This may require the application to be approved at a meeting of the JICN organizing committee.

Unless you specifically request the JICN Membership representative to record you as opting out of disclosing your Personal Information, your Personal Information will be accessible by other registered JICN members. For those who do not opt out, members’ personal information will automatically be available via the members-only, password-protected section of the JICN website.

You are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of use of Personal Information and all other terms and conditions of JICN membership, when you submit any information to the JICN.

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JICN Membership Application

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